Rebate Agreement Tcode In Sap

Note: Regardless of the equipment used for compensation, only the system automatically creates the request for partial supporting compensation, while the payment of the rebate is made from the discount agreement. You can check all types of conditions for the Setting-4: Group Condition Type agreement. The package group indicates the types of discounts to use for the discount agreement. To set up this guy, go ahead; 1. The first condition is that discount processing be active for discount management by documenting supplier agreements, continuing purchases and sales with agreements, and managing discount limits and fees. Below the net worth of the item, we must place the types of discounts. As the amount of the rebate is calculated on a discount basis, while the types of discount conditions are introduced into the procedure for the “de” field, we specify the “no” of a discount base.B. The payer must be identified as relevant to discounts in the Sales Area View Bill tab A discount agreement defines the details of the discount. The agreement says. B that updating the sales volume of an SAP discount agreement is an intensive process.

The VBOF transaction allows you to update the volume and add the qualifying invoice and the limits of an agreement. This may be an order within SAP. Setting-2: After establishing the agreements, the system calculates the deductions from each applicable invoice and updates these discount limits in the rebate agreement to see that few invoices are established. Here are the types of discount agreements in SAP SD: Payment Method: Shows the standard method for paying the amount of the discount to the debiteur. For example, it could be a credit or a cheque, etc. In the pricing procedure just above the net value of the item, we specify a sub-total basis for “discounts” by indicating the value “7” for the “sub-total” field that updates the discount base in the “KOMP” table and the “BONBA” field. 4. Now go to Tcode VB03 and check your discount by selecting the terms and conditions, selecting the packaging line and selecting the payment data. You will see that the limits and volume of business will be updated when the accounting document is established.

Payment procedure: Indicates whether the discount should be paid up to the anticipated value or if there is no limit to manual payment. Group discount: It allows you to create packaging kits for a combination of flow/material or a group of debtors/discounts. Text search procedure: Enter the appropriate text search procedure for the discount agreement with the corresponding text identifier.b. Enter your discount conditions. Don`t forget to enter the demarcation rate here. Reduction of hierarchy: It allows packaging kits for a node/material of the customer hierarchy or only according to the hierarchy. Cash flow has been improved due to timely and accurate requests for rebates.