Ruf Agreement

Only one bank generally manages the revolving credit aspect of this agreement and serves the role of arranger. As arrangers, they play a marketing role in the sale of euro tickets, while providing a small portion of the financing – usually less than 10%. A RUF team, led by the President of the People`s War Council, Soloman Y.B Rogers, returned to Sierra Leone to seek the support of the rebel commando. Bockarie pushed for more seats, but withdrew after the intervention of Charles Taylor. Finally, on 7 July 1999, the Lomé Convention was signed by Mr Kabbah and Mr Sankoh. Parliament unanimously ratified the agreement on 16 July. The JIC [Joint Implementation Committee] was set up during the peace talks in Lomé to monitor and monitor the implementation of the peace agreement. The members of the JIC were Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Algeria, Côte d`Ivoire, Togo and the moral guarantor of the agreement, the UN, ECOWAS and the Commonwealth. The troops were granted a full amnesty for all crimes committed from March 1991 until the date of the signing of the Agreement.

However, hostilities between the signatories of the Lomé Convention broke out shortly after the signing of the Agreement, when former ORGANISATION soldiers took hostage troops from the Economic Community of West African States (ECOMOG) Observer Group in August 1999, and in May 2000, when the RUF abducted 500 United Nations (IRIN 29 dec. 2000; see also AI 15 June 2000). On 10 November 2000, the RUF and the Sierra Leonean government signed a ceasefire agreement in Abuja, Nigeria, which reaffirmed their commitment to the Lomé peace agreement but did not contain additional amnesty provisions (IRIN 29 Dec 2000); Sierra Leone 10 November 2000; Publisher 1 Nov 2003). The countries that form the Joint Enforcement Committee of the Sierra Leone Peace Agreement have taken a courageous step to ensure compliance with the agreement and, therefore, to ensure peace in the country.3 Facilitating the RUF loan is done through an agreement between the borrower and an insurance bank. The underwriting bank presents the borrower with an emergency if he is unable to sell his notes in euros. In this case, the borrower would only be liable for interest on the amount borrowed. The Lomé Convention was the peace agreement. After that, there was only a ceasefire agreement, which de facto became another peace agreement that contained no other amnesty provision. NOTE: The Lomé Convention does not explicitly give a mandate for UN peacekeeping, but the November ceasefire agreement.