Contact us today for a free survey to see how much money you can save. Some clients have saved up to 70% on their lighting costs.

We work closely with the leading LED lighting manufacturers allowing us to produce detailed surveys of your workspace and calculate the cost of savings achievable, the timescale for the return on investment and subsequent cost savings. For more information about our LED Lighting Services, please give us a call on 01827 338 604 or alternatively, you can email us.

Office Lighting

LED panel lights have revolutionised the office workspace delivering superior flicker-free light. This eradicates the common issue of employees suffering with migraines caused by fluorescent lights. A 50% cost saving can be made by replacing fluorescent light for LED light.

Warehouse Lighting

LED low bay and high bay lighting along with motion sensors can achieve massive running cost savings. We only use quality LED products to ensure maximum lifetime of installation

Factory Lighting

We offer solutions for factory lighting in certain areas where tasks require a higher level of light. Whether it in a machine shop or an inspection area we have the right cost saving solution.

Occupancy sensors

Occupancy and absence detectors are designed into our systems to ensure that lighting is only used in occupied areas. Gone are the days of lighting empty rooms and accidentally leaving lights on over night.

Emergency Lighting

We can implement a fully compliant emergency lighting scheme into our design either combined into the light fittings or as a separate stand-alone system.